How Does It Work?

How To Rent

The Process

  1. Browse Lehenga Liaison. 
  2. Complete the checkout process for your desired outfit and the required dates. All bookings are made for 4 days - excluding shipping time. 
  3. The rental fee and shipping fee will be charged, however the full RRP will also be charged as a pending/holding security fee until the item is returned. 

If the outfit is damaged and the damage is unable to be reversed, the security deposit will be charged to your payment method. 

How to Lend

The Process

  1. Go to the 'Lend' tab and complete the form to list your outfit on Lehenga Liaison. 
  2. Determine the price and dates of your potential lend. Don't forget to add cute pics to attract more borrowers!
  3. Once your listing is approved, the outfit will be listed on the website and customers will be able to book dates for hire. 
  4. Once a booking is confirmed, we'll get in contact with you (the lender) to organise delivery of the outfit. 
  5. When borrowers are ready to return the item after their rental period, they will follow delivery instructions as per your (the lender's) request. 

Security For every lender's extra piece of mind, the full RRP of any outfit listed will be taken as a holding security deposit from the borrower in case the outfit is not returned, the borrower is not contactable or the outfit is damaged. 


We recommend lending your item for c.30% of the full RRP or retail value (the 'transaction value'). Lehenga Liaison charges a 15% fee on this transaction value, with the remaining transaction value debited to the bank account details provided by you (the lender).


A shipping fee will be charged to the borrower if a delivery method is requested.